Doodle Jump Game For Android

Doodle Jump Game For Android

The controls are very simple, you have to move your character from one side to another, as he automatically jumps to approach a stage. Also, if you use a lot of ‘power ups’, they automatically help elevate your character even more.

During Ion’s climb you have … falling, of course, but some harmful elements such as enemies or shattering platforms.


“Doodle Jump” is a fun and addictive jumping game featuring beautiful, hand crafted characters and skillfully combined leaderboards.

You will play as a cute little stranger with four legs, called a doodler, your mission is to guide him to jump as high as possible, never ending without a platform. Bounce a sheet of paper from one place to another on the chain. Try to avoid falling and shooting bad guys and random obstacles.

The controls are easy to use, players will only need to lean left and right, shoulder to shoulder, to increase the score.



Complex yet compelling gameplay

“Doodle Jump” is a game that anyone can find out in a few seconds. In the vertical screen, the player will automatically jump and move infinite scrolls higher and higher. The game ends when you jump and fall to the bottom of the screen.

As you play, you will complete challenging platform settings including platform demos, dynamic platforms, platforms that can do much more with you. The higher the doodler goes, the more formidable the odds, but the better publicity like jet packs or spring shoes.

The Doodler will shoot monsters or UFOs that block your path with your horny nose, which can be done by tapping on the screen. Enemies have a variety of things such as moving monsters, bad guys upwards or downwards or backwards, a hunter with birds that alternately go after the player on screen, and so on.

Constant updates with new items and themes

Game developers regularly add new themes to give the game a new look and feel that it has the same fun gameplay. You also have more than 100 missions to complete the awards.

Each new topic is implemented very well. Some excellent themes, such as Christmas, include power-ups wrapped as gifts, space with lots of jet packs, and rockets to ride inside the doodlers. Other subjects such as ninja, jungle, and many more are awaiting discovery. Enemies will change their shape in each subject to fit the beauty.

Many, many useful items have been added to make the game more interesting. Players can use the game’s collection coins to purchase outfits that can affect gameplay, supporting power-ups that will help players score higher. Players can carry some gadgets like jet pack, propeller cap, rocket, trampoline etc. during the entire game.

There are currently two game modes to compete.

In multiplayer game mode, you will play against a friend or random person who will see who is taller. The one who falls first loses. If you do not win, you can ask for the match again.

If you are in a tough competition, there are tournaments for you to take part in. This is a competitive game mode in which contestants move so high that they can gain a place on the leader board. Tournaments are temporary and once they are over, there are great prizes in the first place. This game mode is the favorite of most players as there is still some work to be done. The fact that everyone can see your name at the top of the chart makes the game ten times better.

Going after successes

Achieving the players is a huge achievement. Some are easy to do but some are almost impossible because it is so much more than a somewhat casual title. For example, overcoming or exceeding 30 enemies in a single game, or a UFO feat that no one knows how to achieve.

Unlimited amount

If you are interested in something and you are worried that you cannot afford it, then let your worries go away because “Doodle Jump” helps you with the unlimited money feature. Enjoy the game to the fullest and never worry about running out of money.

The graphics

When they start playing the game, players will immediately pass because when students start working on notes instead of reading in school, familiar memories are returned. The graphics are unique with their charming and passionate art style, it feels like you pull out your notebook and they come to life.

Sound and music

It is quite unnatural for some people that there is no music in this game. “Doodle Jump” uses only a few sounds that can be more annoying than playing. Players can mute, but there are some permanent ones to help you. For example, before the enemy appears, the game will make a sound that tells you that you need to be careful. In addition, the developer adds some ambient sounds to match each theme.

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