FINAL FANTASY Game For Android

FINAL FANTASY Game For Android

FINAL FANTASY: A new castle strategy game that challenges you to build and build your kingdom. To do this, you must recruit and build an army, dispel the magic of crystals, discover new techniques, and work with your friends.

You will spend most of your time in the capital, which is why you can build dozens of different buildings, roads, energy sources, walls, banks, barracks, farms and mines. Each building has its own purpose and will help your state grow in the long run. For example, the walls must protect their kingdom which tries to attack anyone.

Once you control the security of your city and are enlisted in an army capable of dealing with any threat, you can start looking for adventure in other states. Use FINAL FANTASY XV: A new map of the empire you want to strategically attack. Keep in mind that other players’ capital cities are difficult targets which means you will need the help of your friends. General Information

Earth is dying from within. According to the signs, there will be four nights. They each have a gem to save the Earth. He is the knight of light. The game starts in a normal FINAL FANTASY game as you will rescue the princess and wake up the Elf King. But they came to know that there were four devils. Every devil creates an element to kill the earth. And behind the four devils is a demon of hell who is trying to take time to implement his devilish plan.

The four demons lived 2000 years ago. Now, to regain their power, they send Knight Garland back after 2,000 years. Garland has taken the form of anarchy and wants to use his powers to bring all his demons to the present. And our four heroes will travel to the past to end the chaos before it ends.

Character specifications

At the beginning of the game, you can choose the fighters to start the game. And it is possible to change the names of the characters. During the duration of the game, you cannot change this type of fighter.


Monk is a very strong warrior of the invader, the strongest character in the game in terms of physics. Defense against magic is particularly weak. He is second after Warrior.

Another thing is that a monk cannot use any magic. Without the use of weapons, this role is still very strong. However, the use of weapons only weakens this role. After upgrading to master, it will not make much difference.

The monk is very helpful when entering first. But later on, it will be a big loss as the last boss uses all the magic. We do not recommend using this character during the game as he is already weak. If someone wants to do their best, you can use this role.


The thief has a sharp character for both accuracy and dodge. But it has weaker attacking power than the warrior. The thief is right. He would defeat the Warriors early in the game. Also, this character can escape more easily than other characters. Later, it will be upgraded to a ninja.

At the ninja level, this character will perform basic magic from one to four levels of black magic. At the Thief level, this character cannot use weapons or armor efficiently. But when upgraded to a ninja, he can use the most powerful weapon in the game.

He is one of the two most prominent characters in the game. As far as attack power is concerned, although defeated by fighters and monks, he can use many powerful weapons that no character can use. The character is also quick. Therefore, he can often dodge the enemy and kill the opponent.

In addition to ninja attacks, he can also use spells such as Haste, allowing characters to fight faster. The weakness is that a thief cannot perform a spell until he becomes a ninja.

The warrior

He is a very strong defensive character, one of the strongest in terms of sports with strong attack and defensive strength. In terms of attacking skills, they place this character in second place. In particular, the higher this level, the higher the character.

Later, when you upgrade it to Knight, you can use the strongest coach in the game. In addition, the knight may use certain spells from one to three levels. The spells used by the knight were the exact opposite of the ninja. These spells mostly heal and pump blood.

Warrior is the strongest character on FINAL FANTASY. But later, after being cast by the last boss, he often dies when his level is low. Otherwise, we have nothing to say that Warrior is the strongest character in the game.

White major (angel)

This is a character you have used to pump blood and use spells to protect others. Because the character pumps blood, his blood is also higher than normal compared to other characters. You can upgrade this role to White Wizard. If the warrior can only help one character, the White Maze will use spells to help the team. When White Mag White becomes an assistant, you can use powerful blood pumps for levels 1 to 8 for your entire team. In addition, he can use Holy Trick, which is a powerful attack to protect the team.

But when it comes to fighting, it is weakened by less attack and less defensive power. The holy attack is powerful, but it costs a lot of power. The technique of fighting bosses and pumping blood against large caves or forts is useful.

The white mage’s long-term goal is fear of bleeding or poisoning without any treatment. If someone likes money, use this character because you don’t have to worry about HP and other types of poisons.

Black Spot

This character has the most attacking power in FINAL FANTASY. The Black Mage learns very effective attacks from level one to eight. This character can kill up to eight demons. Later, you can upgrade this character to Black Lizard. The Black Wizard can use flares, which are the most effective force in the game. He can also use Hester as a quickie, which prepares the character to fight faster.

Kali men are very effective at equalizing. When fighting bosses, it is also very effective with moves like Flair or Ultima. but unlike; It was very weak against powerful demons.

Red table

This character is not as strong as a warrior. And its magic is not as strong as white or black magic. However, this role still has a special power, such as martial arts. This role can be used by any coach. The upgrade is complete and will become a Red Wizard. Red magic is better than red magazine using advanced magic (levels 1-7).

This character knows everything. The beauty of this character is that he uses armor. But this advantage is not beneficial as no coach will change during the fight.

Another advantage is that he can use both white and black spellings. This benefit is also not beneficial because although it can be used for both types, they are not effective in fighting the bosses. Therefore, we do not recommend this role.


Our assessment

Game plot

FINAL FANTASY’s plot is interesting. Despite the overall simplicity of the game, as we will tell in the next two sections, the story is moving fast. Although it is trivial, it has two very interesting theories that stem from the imaginary.

In particular, the Time Loop developed by Garland is creative. Players can compete with the first boss of the game like the last boss as if they are in the game. And this creates a difference in development that is linear.


Perhaps the worst point of the game is the FINAL FANTASY characters. They do not exist as personalities. And they do not even have a name. not only this, but They also follow the flag of the chosen people, which eliminates the need to motivate them to guide them in their adventures.

Surprisingly, the secondary character and Garland, though more classic and more stereotyped with elegant imaginations, are more interesting than the main character in the film.

The establishment

The layout reflects more than any FINAL FANTASY standard with elves, and even viewers. We are far from the memorable settings of the rest of the stories.

Fighting and advancement system

Fights are another interesting aspect of FINAL FANTASY. While we’re at the beginning of the system that will make FINAL FANTASY’s features, it lacks depth nor does it make it an easy game. You just press the X button without any press.

With the characters flat, the choice of which one to use is obvious and not based on the character’s preferences. Usually, people choose their favorite character instead of maximizing the party.


Due to the age of the game, FINAL FANTASY has very few marks. The fight music is for the bosses and the final bosses alike. But it will affect all aspects of the war.

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