Toca Blocks Apk For Android

Toca Blocks Apk For Android

Toca Blocks is a basic construction game that lets you create and enjoy blocks. Toca Blocks is a very fun game for children. This fun game challenges children’s imagination and creativity in animated graphic backgrounds, the character is funny and beautiful. By coming to Toca Blocks, children can not only develop drawing skills and logical thinking by connecting children’s blocks to create a dream world.

Toca Blocks is an app where children can make their imagination come true by adding different blocks, draw, destroy and create a different world each time. Children can choose the role provided to create their own adventures. Go through the doors and see the new environment, discover various blocks, some sticky, some flexible, all unique.

The company helps develop products from a children’s point of view so that they can play, be creative, and want to be. Toca Boca Games has won numerous awards and has been downloaded more than 200 million times in 215 countries, offering children a fun, safe and free experience.

General Information

The overall application settings are similar to Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant and Toca Life City. It allows children to create a wonderful world on their own. From our point of view, Toca Blocks Toka Kitchen is simpler than Sushi Restaurant in terms of operating settings. And it is far more delicate in terms of content design than Toca Life City.

The operation of the game is very simple. Players only need to select similar brick material and create small scenes in the landscape. The most interesting thing is that it includes the layout of the new content. During construction, the player can place two types of blocks in the same position to fuse the same type of block material.

After children use the bricks inside to create interesting maps, they can also use three small monsters with different abilities to explore the world. The image of the game has a plastic texture, which is a vivid color. And most impressively, the game supports unlimited archives. Players who like this type of friend need to check it out now.

Why does Toka Games attract children?

We can say that some children, especially those unrelated to creative and traditional games, are attracted to all video games and game consoles. Each child is always asked to play with their smartphone or tablet. We are not parents out of fear of digital addiction. But in recent times, mobile game content has been polarized in both positive and negative aspects.

Therefore, we want to tell you about a series of apps that we recommend for children of all ages. It sounds ridiculous. Therefore, we want to find out later why children are paying so much attention to these mobile games as compared to other popular and commercial apps. We are talking about the Toca Boca game.

Many children spend a lot of time styling, cutting and drying strange characters’ hair. For example, the boy builds a house with special bricks and paint, steps, designs with many small friends. For cooking girls, Toca Boca games come with conflicting ingredients and monsters for customers. And children can learn and learn racing without running. After all, most children always want to create crazy robots with saved elements and beautiful designs.

Here, the Toca Boca App comes to the rescue which is always open with a pretty cute forest that you will not easily forget. But we think you will read the philosophy and mission of the team of experts behind this brand that impresses you the most. Children love it, and they think for themselves that they choose apps that don’t know what they are reading.

We find it amazing that these games express joy with an explosion of colors and quirky characters. They are almost glorifying diversity, where everyone can enjoy the performance anxiety. We also recommend these apps for children with some difficulty in school. They urge a peaceful solution.

In particular, there is no gender caste because it does not matter whether a man or woman plays Toca Boca. There is no advertising trick. The desire to play was created from the point of view of children. Does that sound amazing to you?

How to play Toca Blocks

On Toca Blocks, the main task is to build the world and enrich it with its adventure routes. The player can create elaborate obstacles, complex tracks or makeshift islands. In addition, you will meet new characters and discover their many unique abilities as soon as you take them into your world.

Through the game, you can discover the properties of blocks by making them something. In addition, players have to remember their features, such as bounce bounce and adhesion. Sometimes, you can turn into a bed, a diamond, and many more surprises.

You should add blocks to change colors and shapes. The more you understand the blocks, the more useful and motivating it will be for your construction. Save and share outstanding creations from all over the world. Remember to use the camera to capture, share unique block codes with friends so they can log into your world and find it for themselves. Or log into your friends world and make it yours.

Enjoy the game, combine blocks to create new content and different widgets, create more than 60 personal items, and create a world that has no boundaries for you. Be sure to take a picture of your product and share the block code with friends and family. So, they can enter your world and search.

You can remove blocks with a clean head and use the pencil tool to create multiple blocks at once. Players can find more exclusive content in the Club Block channel within the app, such as watching videos, uploading photos and discovering new worlds. The gameplay is open, there are no dirty rules or barriers to using the child friendly interface. In particular, this does not include third party advertising or any in-app purchases.

Tips and tricks for Toca Blocks

Toca Blocks’s main idea is to build its world through blocks. The game begins with a vast empty world that extends to the outdoor space and provides four basic building blocks such as round brick, yellow brick, red brick and green grass.

Toca Blocks allows players to create new block types by dragging one block into another. Each new block has its own unique features. For example, one blackout will allow you to transfer to another. Bonsai blocks are just bonsai. And the sticky block will freeze all heroes until they jump. If you take too long steps on it, a fragile rock will break. But it will return to its original form in a few seconds.

You can use many other block combinations to try to find and create your own world or try to put magic doors in your world. If your hero enters the gate, it will take him to a new world with different blocks of different worlds. Toca Blocks can switch between design mode and play mode. In design mode, you can use a large ball on the toolbar at the bottom or tap the space and drag the screen to browse the world.

If you drag a block to another block, it means that they are being added. After unlocking non-basic block types, you can learn about them from the side toolbar.

When trying to add more than one tile at a time, consider using a drawing tool to get the job done. First, click on the block you want to use. Then click on the painted icon and start drawing. Instead, you can use the Dark Flying Monster tool to remove unnecessary blocks. And it will eat the blocks that touch it. This game is suitable for children over six years of age.


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